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11 October 2009 @ 17:58
some fictictactoe thinger

09. LOVE (of course)

01. I don't want to make it easier for you.02. Your heart will tear mine apart.03. I'd love to say this to your face.
04. I've been thinking about this for a long time.05. It's alright with me.06. You woke me up.
07. Anyone but you.08. You can hide underneath me.09. I wandered home, saying your name.

because well DAMN with enough prompts I might just write something
(also hurrrrrrrrrrrrr imagining Chewbacca/Han for #8)
prefectures on 14th October 2009 23:45 (UTC)
DIRECTING YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS MOMENTARILY SO YOU KNOW YOU GOT TAGS cries I should be in the city ogling grid girls but instead I decided to stay home and 'write fic' and just go to the supermarket later slkghlshgi it was so cold and I am still so not awake sgldhlidgh and of course I am reblogging pics of 2PM on tumblr instead because it doesn't necessitate my being awake to do that ALSO I AM SINGING A PSEUDO ECHO SONG UNDER MY BREATH FOR SOME REASON "A Beat For You" skghdlighfdh there are only 11 different lines in that song so it really isn't hard GLSHLIHSGLIS GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I BET THIS COFFEE IS DECAF actually I bet it isn't and I really am this tired