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11 October 2009 @ 17:58
some fictictactoe thinger

09. LOVE (of course)

01. I don't want to make it easier for you.02. Your heart will tear mine apart.03. I'd love to say this to your face.
04. I've been thinking about this for a long time.05. It's alright with me.06. You woke me up.
07. Anyone but you.08. You can hide underneath me.09. I wandered home, saying your name.

because well DAMN with enough prompts I might just write something
(also hurrrrrrrrrrrrr imagining Chewbacca/Han for #8)
06 September 2009 @ 02:18
copypasta from warriorslash gogogo

Fandom: Warriors Orochi
Title: Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Pairing(s): Zhuge Liang/Sima Yi
Rating: PG, I suppose.
Warnings: This is based on the game. So... very bad puns?
Author's Notes: This is for prompt #20 - in case we die. Also, it would be much appreciated if you could give me some feedback about the whole... based-on-the-actual-game thing, as I never see it and I was wondering if there was a reason.
Summary: There was nothing around to help, not a single peach, and the chaos had taken its toll.

Concern?! Without you, this battle is lost!Collapse )
25 May 2009 @ 01:24
Title: Silk (have you noticed how lazy I am, and how I just use the prompts as titles because I'm that cool)
Pairing(s): Teruya/Matsu one-sided
Chapter No.: 1/???
Summary: Teruya, being a hairdresser and all, gives Matsu a haircut.

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15 May 2009 @ 02:16
Fandom: Kishidan
Title: Tano~c~c! (okay technically untitled)
Pairing(s): Tommy x Show
Rating: PG? Dx
Warnings: Descriptions of hygiene nearing the end of a 3+ hour gig, if you know what I mean.
Summary: Tommy hates how Show never deviates from what they have rehearsed.

Ureshi~ tano-c~ daisuki~!Collapse )
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15 May 2009 @ 02:07
Fandom: Kishidan
Title: Fanta!
Pairing(s): Ranma x Matsu
Rating: G alskhf;leiyfhjka;hfg
Warnings: None. Well, maybe a bit of immaturity. D;
Summary: Ranma and Matsu... drink Fanta. Yeah.

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Fandom: DJ OZMA
Title: I'm The King
Pairing(s): King x Ozma
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: Language, King being a bitch (though that's a given)
Summary: for secretrabustory . King wants to take Ozma down a peg.

King's CrossCollapse )
secretrabustory fic challenge - PROMPT LIST A

STARTED: 7/3/09

1. Show x Hikaru – is it still fanservice if no fans actually see?
2. Show x Matsu – honey loving little bear
3. Show x Yukki – padding
4. Show x Ranma – moe
5. Show x Tommy – I am sixteen going on seventeen
6. Hikaru x Matsu – idiot vs. idiot
7. Hikaru x Yukki – babysitting
8. Hikaru x Ranma – dry your eyes
9. Hikaru x Tommy – don’t even try it
10. Matsu x Yukki – unrelated
11. Matsu x Ranma – Fanta!
12. Matsu x Tommy – the long and short of it
13. Yukki x Ranma – don’t act so innocent
14. Yukki x Tommy – beauty is the beast
15. Ranma x Tommy – banana
16. Ozma x Pancho – deprivation
17. Ozma x King – I’m the King
18. Pancho x King – yo what up wit yo face
19. Teruya x Show – bitch please
20. Teruya x Matsu – silk
21. all Binetsu Danji (Teruya x Junpei x Nikaken) – knickerbocker glory
22. Naomi x Strawberry – Southern belles
23. Naomi x Margaret – just like you
24. Margaret x Strawberry – go to your room
25. Show x Ozma – hate to say I told you so, but I told you so

The request fics are coming soon, I swear. x_x
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23 January 2009 @ 02:14
what I can't think of anything these days


Post here with characters/pairings you want {provide a short summary of how you see them if you don't see a tag for them} then something to nudge me off in the vague direction you want me to go.

So, fill this in and we're all dandy.



Fandom: An Cafe
Characters/Pairing: Teruki/Takuya
Prompts: Takuya has a foot fetish. Teruki likes shoes.
Other: Don't make Takuya a girl
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13 September 2008 @ 02:35

warriorslash 50 challenge
— STARTED 13/09/08
— FINISHED xx/xx/xx

001. all things to all men
002. amputation of pride
003. beliefs
004. blunt
005. clouded judgement
006. crush
007. curse
008. danger danger
009. do you believe in magic?
010. enemy camp
011. epiphany
012. favouritism
013. fight or flight
014. fighting blindly
015. fruit
016. Go
017. gold
018. goodbye
019. heart's armour
020. in case we die
021. incredibly incredulous
022. it started off like any other tea ceremony
023. it's funnier when you're drunk
024. it's not funny at all!
025. it's only a flesh wound

026. let me be your weapon
027. music
028. once under a red moon
029. our spirits are officially broken
030. perhaps
031. poetry
032. point of access
033. primitive
034. scandal
035. sharp blade, sharp mind
036. the stars are talking to me
037. the way I see it
038. this is why I'm the strategist
039. time? don't give me "give me time"!
040. tomorrow might be another day
041. tooth and nail
042. when push comes to shove
043. wine/whine
044. you will die and I will take over
045. you will never get to heaven if you break my heart
046. author's/artist's choice
047. author's/artist's choice
048. author's/artist's choice
049. author's/artist's choice
050. author's/artist's choice

Wow most of these prompts are mine D8
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20 August 2008 @ 21:05
Nicked from moukimokyu  . Who else.
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